Gapu ga rangithirri ga ngurruthirri (The water is coming up, the water is going away)
Author Louise Hamby, Research Fellow – The Australian National University, August 2017

The Makaratta and exchanges with the Kluge Ruhe
Author Chris Durkin, July 2018

Gapu Murnuk Catalogue
Exhibited at the Australian Embassy Washington DC, October 2018

Milingimbi: A Living Culture at Berndt Museum
Author Chris Durkin, October 2017

Milingimbi – Taking memories back
Author Cara Pinchbeck, AGNSW

Milingimbi Makarrata Statement
Author the Makarrata group, July 2017

Ngarra law designs at Aboriginal & Pacific Art
Author Chris Durkin, 2016

Development of Collecting at the Milingimbi Mission in Strings of Connectedness
Authors Louise Hamby with Dr Gumbula, The Australian National University, 2015

Choosing Who Will Keep the Stories Strong: The Garrawurra Artists of Milingimbi
Author Dr Henry Skerritt, Mellon Curator of Indigenous Arts of Australia at the Kluge-Ruhe Aboriginal Art Collection of the University of Virginia, 2009

The Milingimbi Fishing Industry: the story of the river song 1960 – 1975                                                                                                                                                                                      Author Dr Bentley James, Anthropologist