Our djäma

The art centre supports artists day to day as well as in the long-term. At the art centre we:

  • harvest materials (bark, bulgur, ochre, pandanus, hollow logs). To protect the sustainability of the environment we often travel to other islands to harvest materials.
  • supply materials and tools including; fine art paper, fixatives, brushes, needles, axes, machetes, boat, sand paper, grinders, saws and chainsaws.
  • document and archive artworks and artists stories. Art centre staff maintain a database of all artworks made by artists at Milingimbi. Each artwork is photographed and its story translated. 
  • document artistic development for the community. Documenting the development of an artists practice is an important way of supporting the development of Yolngu culture across generations. The art centre is a place that the community can visit to see artworks made by their family members dating back to the 1930’s.
  • document artistic development for the external market. The art centre provides information to institutions and collectors that adds to the value of the artists artwork and supports the acquisition of their artwork into major public and private collections.
  • maintain strong relationships with galleries, museums, commercial galleries and private collectors. These relationships ensure that Milingimbi artists are recognised nationally and internationally for their artistic and cultural excellence. This type of recognition supports a growing interest in artwork from Milingimbi and adds economic value to artwork made by Milingimbi artists.
  • provide employment. The art centre employs 6 Yolngu staff members and provides training in all aspects of art centre operations. Training includes artwork; documentation, cataloguing, handling, conservation and sales. Yolngu staff support artists by harvesting materials and providing training. 
  • provide training with the guarantee of increased income for unemployed people. The art centre provides training for CDP participants. Our program combines participants natural skills of collecting and preparing materials with training in applying these skills.

Milingimbi Art and Culture Aboriginal Corporation

The Milingimbi Art and Culture Aboriginal Corporation is a community owned Art Centre that maintains an important position in the national art and cultural arena. Milingimbi Art and Culture has a long history of producing works steeped in active cultural practice such as barks, ceremonial poles, carvings and weavings. Works from Milingimbi are integral to important collections in many National and International institutions.

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A: Lot 53 Gadupu Rd, Milingimbi via Winellie, NT 0822
P: (+61) 8987 9888
E: [email protected]

Warning: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander viewers are warned that this website may contain images and voices of deceased persons.

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