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Judy Lirririnyin

b. 1958
Djambarrpuyngu clan

Warrinyu Wanga (Flying Fox Camp) 2017
Ochre on 640gsm Arches Paper
22 x 15 in in / 56 x 38cm

During the Rarranhdarr (build-up) season when the Walitjan (rain) starts, the Warrinyu (flying fox) travels into the forest to rest while it rains. The black circles highlighted by white dots represent the poo of Warrinyu as they fly over head towards the forest. At the same time of year the bees are gathering nectar from the flowers and starting to make Guku (honey). Guku is symbolised by the Rarrk or cross hatching design.

$1100 US / $1350 AU

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