In Yolgnu culture the land, family, ceremony, songs and art are connected. Milingimbi artists share these stories in fibre works, barks, ceremonial poles and carvings.

Our Cultural Heritage

Artwork from Milingimbi was commissioned as early as 1912, and was collected during the 1920’s when the first Methodist missionaries arrived. By the 1960’s the centre was a leader in establishing the market for traditional Yolgnu art. As a result art from Milingimbi is included in significant national and international collections.

For contemporary Yolngu, these artworks are living pieces of cultural heritage that have an ongoing importance in Yolngu social life.

Weaving together with Koskela

Our weavers are collaborating with Koskela to produce new pandanus lighting products. Using traditional techniques and materials they will bring exciting and unique elements to the range, each piece will be original and will not be reproduced. This project will give our weavers an important stream of income and introduce them to a new market.

Traditional materials are from our home

Ochre rocks are collected from beaches and paint is made by crushing the colourful rocks and mixing it with a fluid. Using ochre gives our artworks rich warm colours, these traditional processes and materials have been used for thousands of years.

Artists residency at the Kluge Ruhe, USA

Milingimbi senior artists Raymond Balambula and Joyce Naliyabu will be travelling with art centre manager Chris Durkin to the University of Virginia for a residency at the the Kluge Rhue. This will provide a time of reflection and research about the significant collection of Milingimbi art works at the centre.

Milingimbi Art and Culture Aboriginal Corporation

The Milingimbi Art and Culture Aboriginal Corporation is a community owned Art Centre that maintains an important position in the national art and cultural arena. Milingimbi Art and Culture has a long history of producing works steeped in active cultural practice such as barks, ceremonial poles, carvings and weavings. Works from Milingimbi are integral to important collections in many National and International institutions.

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Warning: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander viewers are warned that this website may contain images and voices of deceased persons.

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